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Alma Mater – Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies (JICS) (e-ISSN: 3023-8846) is published online twice a year, in March and September issues. The journal publishes research articles and reviews in Turkish, English, and German in the fields of Turkish Language and Literature, Western Philology Studies, Geography, History, Art History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies and Holocaust Studies.

Alma Mater – Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies is an international, double blind peer-reviewed journal aimed at serving all scholars engaged in academic research in the Social and Cultural Sciences field.

Alma Mater – Journal of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies embraces a methodological spectrum encompassing theoretical, methodological, quantitative, and qualitative approaches in the social and cultural sciences. The journal aims to provide a global platform for scholars working in the social and cultural sciences, aiming to contribute to the increase of interdisciplinary research. It endeavors to address various issues in the fields of social and cultural sciences on an international scale, aiming to present new contributions that combine theoretical and practical dimensions.

Articles published in the journal should adhere to scientific ethical standards, maintain scientific integrity, and provide new contributions to relevant fields. Submissions to the journal are rigorously reviewed and evaluated with academic precision with the support of the International Editorial Board and International Advisory Board. In this context, our aim is to provide both authors and readers with reputable works that adhere to academic principles.


Top Ranked Articles

Dergi Kapağı ve İçindekiler / Cover and Table of Content

pp. 0-0   |  DOI: 10.29329/almamater.2024.1053   |  Number of Views: 5  |  Number of Download: 6

Volume 1, Issue 1

Kulinarik in ausgewählten Märchen der Gebrüder Grimm

Irma Trattner

pp. 1-15   |  DOI: 10.29329/almamater.2024.1053.1   |  Number of Views: 7  |  Number of Download: 4

Volume 1, Issue 1

Essen wie der letzte Mensch. Esskultur vor, während und nach der Apokalypse in Thomas von Steinaeckers Die Verteidigung des Paradieses

Amelie Buerhop

pp. 16-31   |  DOI: 10.29329/almamater.2024.1053.2   |  Number of Views: 3  |  Number of Download: 3

Volume 1, Issue 1

Politicized Sex Repression and Fascination in The Chinese Cultural Revolution

Xiaofei Tu, Wei Xie

pp. 32-42   |  DOI: 10.29329/almamater.2024.1053.3   |  Number of Views: 4  |  Number of Download: 2

Volume 1, Issue 1

The Role of Baghdadi Jews in India’s Freedom Movement

Sayan Lodh

pp. 43-52   |  DOI: 10.29329/almamater.2024.1053.4   |  Number of Views: 2  |  Number of Download: 2

Volume 1, Issue 1